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Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark,

LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients


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Organic Ingredients



Here's a peek at a few herb I use for making extracts, cleansing powders, masks, and more. I choose organic as often as it is available to me. 

The 2 herbs on the left are both organic Roman chamomile: the top one is considerably pricier because of the method it is sorted. The 2 chamomiles are at present undergoing testing to see if they produce different results in different products. Roman Chamomile can be identified by 2 different INCI names: Chamaemelum Nobile and Anthemis Nobilis. 

The other herbs you see in this photo are jasmine, orange blossom and rose petals. 

Density Fun in the Lab



This may look like a goldfish, but it's a snap I took of e-vitamin just added to an oil base. In a moment it will be stirred and become an integral part of the mixture.

E-vitamin is used to help retard the rancidity of oils. 

Easy DIY Bath Tea



Here's a bath tea I added to a customers order recently. She was thrilled and said they were beautifully fragrant. 

 You can make these easily. Used them as gifts or enjoy when you could use a bit of floral therapy pampering goodness!

Simply mix equal parts of dried orange blossom, Damask Rose, Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile and Jasmine. Spoon into generous-sized organza bags and tie shut tightly.

To use: pop a bag into the bath. Squeeze the bag a few times when it has soaked up the water to coax out the floral goodness.