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Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark,

LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients


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Spray Away - A Work in Progress



Here's a peek at a custom formulation  - a work in progress. The 2 bottles contain a product with a special function.

Does this all sound too secretive? It has to be for a while yet.  This product is still in development and being tested by the clients dedicated team.

I'm really excited about what the results will be and may just tell you everything when the product is launched.

Moving Day Madness


A huge thank you is due to my clients who have patiently been awaiting their custom cosmetics orders. The reason: LisaLise lab has moved and – as is often the case when relocating – things seem to take about 300% longer than expected.

You shall be spared the boring details and given only the good news: it's looking a lot less like moving day madness and more like a proper workspace around here. In short: I am all over your orders and promise I shall not rest until every one is filled!

And in case you're wondering if that image up there is a peek at my new lab space, I must admit it is not (but I sure wouldn't have complained much if it had been).

Thank you again for your loyalty and patience! Expect a little extra something with your order for being so fabulous!