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LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients


About The Ingredients

About The Ingredients


Long before it was the trend to ‘go natural’, my focus has been plant-based ingredients. And, although I favor them over petrochemical-based ingredients, it is for aesthetic reasons – not for fear of toxins. Anyone who tries to convince you petrochemical ingredients are inherently health hazardous is misinformed. Likewise, anyone who tries to convince you plant-based ingredients are all safe and free of ‘nasties’ is equally misinformed. 

Understanding the function, properties, limitations, and possibilities of each participating ingredient is vital to creating a successful and well functioning formula – particularly when choosing to 'go the natural route'. 

Researching and getting thoroughly acquainted with each ingredient in a formula has been the basis of my product development since I began creating personal care products.

Organic ingredients and sustainable work processes will always be my first choice when creating a tailored product or formulation.  

Fragrant Waters With Plant Power

Hydrosols (also known as hydrolates) have been the liquid base for many of my products and formulations for many years. 

Historically, hydrosols have been described as byproducts of essential oil distillation, but the trend to go natural in recent years has brought focus to the many assets these precious liquids have to offer. This has prompted some companies to develop and produce hydrosols as the end product, making it possible to source a generous selection of quality hydrosols.

A hydrosol carries water-soluble actives from the plant material and – more often than not – captures its delicious fragrance, bringing an extra dimension to any product it is added to.

Hydrosols are challenging to work with and not commonly used in mass produced cosmetics. In a hand-crafted and custom product, hydrosols add an extra dimension by bringing additional beneficial properties to the mixture.

Another type of aromatic water is floral water. These are not to be confused with hydrosols.  Floral waters are distilled, purified water with the addition of essential oil and a solubilizer (to disperse the essential oil). Floral waters can be useful for applications where hydrosols are not ideal.

Plant-Based Oils and Butters

Plant-based oils bring their own natural nourishment to a formula and offer many beneficial properties. I have worked extensively with numerous plant oils and butters and continue to study, research, test, and use exclusively vegetable and plant-based oils and butters in my products and formulas.


The constant search for newer, better actives keeps the entire cosmetics-making industry on its toes. To find/create/produce the perfect active for any cosmetic product is in the interest of both developers, manufacturers, and consumers. LisaLise custom products and formulations will look first to documented actives, but will also readily embrace 'the latest and greatest' when it is based on scientific research and testing. 


Essential oils are powerful components and bring multi-functionality to any formula, acting both as fragrance and active ingredients. Working with essential oils requires skill, practice, and knowledge – particularly when they are the main components of a products fragrance. The volatility of essential oils makes them truly challenging to work with, but in my experience, the rewards are worth the effort. For example, some natural butters and oils may have wonderful properties but are burdened with a heavy, less-than-desirable scent. With the correct combination of essential oils, a heavy-smelling oil or butter can be transformed from something that 'needs masking' to a functioning and pleasantly scented product. 

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