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LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

Review Shea Butter E-Book

Reviews: Working With Shea Butter


Ee Ting Ng

Cosmetics Formulator, Owner, 
Hop & Cotton Cosmetics

"An invaluable resource for all interested in working with shea and natural butters. Filled with practical tips, tested formulas and stunning graphics.

You will learn something new from Lise!"

Rebecca (Bexy) Wright

Cosmetics Formulator,
Owner,  [M] Botanicals

"This is a highly enjoyable book to read, with great pictures and easy to understand instructions and recipes.  

Whether you are an experienced formulator or just starting out – everything you have ever wanted to know about working with Shea is contained in this little gem.

Highly recommended!"

Irene Mihopoulos

Cosmetics Formulator,
Owner,  Body BonBon

"Lise has covered all the bases with this detailed yet uncomplicated look at shea butter.

With a variety of lovely recipes and a very helpful section on graininess, Working With Shea is a must have for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge on formulating with this wonderful ingredient."

Marissa Carabin

Formulator, Owner,
Popea Soap

"I just wanted to let you know your book is so fantastic. I've read it a couple of times now and it's already one of my favorite resources."

Deborah Kallevig

Formulator, Owner,
Unfussed Body & Beauty

"As a formulator in love with DIY body care, this e-book is a must-have for working with Shea butter. Lise has taken some of the best shea information from her fantastic blog and created a beautiful, compact and useful resource for newbies and experienced formulators alike.

Highly recommend!"

Colin Sanders

Cosmetic Scientist
Colin's Cosmetic Consultancy

"This is very much a book for the hands on person.  There is a bit of background on how shea butter is made and some information about the chemistry of shea butter. But we are pretty soon into making stuff.  There is a quick guide to getting tooled up for the work ahead, and some tips on how to work effectively.  We are then into formulations.  Lots of them.  You will be surprised at how many ways Lise finds to use shea.  I certainly was.  They come with manufacturing instructions, and are beautifully illustrated."

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