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Elder Blossom Skin Cleansing Kit

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Elder Blossom Skin Cleansing Kit

Elder Blossom Skin Gel Packet
Elder Blossom Skin Gel Kit
Elder Blossom Skin Gel
Elder Blossom Skin Gel Packet
Elder Blossom Skin Gel Kit
Elder Blossom Skin Gel
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Elder Blossom Skin Cleansing Kit

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Make your own soap-free facial cleansing gel – it's fun and (almost) as easy as making a cup of tea!

This gentle gel will effectively remove make-up (except waterproof mascara) and cleanses skin without drying it, leaving your face and neck smooth, clean, and refreshed.

Can be used as any other face cleanser or – for added moisturizing action – leave the gel on for 2-minutes as an instant mask.

Elder blossom skin cleansing gel is suitable for all skin types. 

The kit includes everything you need to make 2 bottles of cleanser: 

  • 2 packets of gel-base mixture

  • 2 infusion bags

  • 2 packets of gelling agent

  • 2 bottles

  • step by step instructions

You only need to add distilled (or de-ionized) water. 

Each bottle (100ml / 3.38 fl. oz) lasts approximately 2 months.

Gel Ingredients: elder blossom, citric acid, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate

Pair it With Powder

This gel is a great stand-alone cleanser, but also pairs beautifully with the cleansing powder of your choice.

PS: The listed price INCLUDES shipping to your doorstep!

Cleansing Powder:
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Why Elder Blossom

Elder (sambucus nigra) grows predominately in the Northern Hemisphere. The pleasantly fragrant blossoms are used for many culinary purposes (from teas, syrups & cordials to a batter-frittered crunchy treat), but elder blossoms also offer benefits with topical use. The natural content of mucilage makes elder a great choice for a gentle, yet effective skin cleanser.

Elder has a history of use that stretches as far back as ancient Egypt - both the blossom and the berries. Elder blossom has been a traditional ingredient in poultices for rash and irritation. An infusion of the blossoms was also recommended as a rinse for irritated scalp. 

Elder blossom has a naturally delicate fragrance that is a little reminiscent of chamomile. 

Making Your Own Elder Blossom Cleansing Gel

Depending on how long you let the packet infuse (from 5 - 15 minutes), your cleansing gel will be a deeper or lighter color. The photos above show the color variation from a short (5 min) to longer (15 min) infusion. The included instructions go through every step in detail so you can make the gel to your personal preference.

I hope you have as much enjoyment making and using this gel cleanser as I had developing it.

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