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How to Apply a Face Oil

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How to Apply a Face Oil


Face oil is easy to apply and equally suited to men and women

Face oil is easy to apply and equally suited to men and women

Over the years, I've been met with many questions about face oil.

"Won't it leave my skin greasy?" 

"How can I tell if it's working?"

"How can such a small bottle last any longer than a week?"

By showing you how to apply a face oil, I can answer all three of these questions.

Face oil is a concentrated product and not made to be slathered on like a lotion. A few drops and a minute of time is all you need to moisturize and nourish your face and neck.


How to Apply Face Oil

  1. Always apply to freshly cleansed skin that is still damp (but not dripping wet)
  2. In the palm of one hand, drip 5-7 drops of oil
  3. Warm the oil between your palms by rubbing your hands together – be sure to include fingertips
  4. Apply to the face and neck with light, upward strokes
  5. With fingertips, 'tap' gently around the eye area
  6. Stroke lightly across the forehead with the palm
  7. Pinch along your jawline lightly, starting from the chin and working outwards towards each ear
  8. Finish with gentle, upward strokes on the neck


For most of my customers, a single bottle ( 30 ml / 1 oz) of custom blend face oil  lasts about half a year - even with daily use. 

You can order a custom face oil right here.