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LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

Shea Shea USA!

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Shea Shea USA!


I'm very pleased to announce a very special offer for residents of the USA! 

After speaking with Deborah at and Kai and Karin at FairTaleGhana, we decided to partner up so we could offer everyone in the USA a super deal: Introducing Book & Butter! Book & Butter includes a download of the 72-page e-book Working With Shea Butter and a generous 16 oz of hand-crafted, ethically produced, top quality shea butter - delivered directly to your doorstep - all for $42. 

The normal price for these 2 items is $54.

Save & Support

Not only are you saving $12 with each purchase, you are also supporting the members of the community in Ghana who hand-craft this skin-loving ingredient. You can meet some of them and read more right here

And when you're ready to order your Book & Butter, pop right over to this page