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What's Wrong With Tap Water?

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What's Wrong With Tap Water?


Some of you lovely skin-care making people have asked me why tap water should be avoided when making the cleansing gel. There is a reason the instructions do not recommend using tap water.

Minerally Minded

Tap water has a natural content of minerals, which is great when we want a drink of water, but less great when we are making skincare products. 

The minerals might start interacting with the ingredients we are using, and this could upset the balance, making the cleansing gel less effective, less pleasant to use and maybe even with a shorter shelf life.

This is why demineralized water is preferred. 

How Does Water Get Demineralized?

Removing the minerals from water is a relatively easy process (if you have the right equipment). Imagine you could capture the steam from boiled water and bottle it – that's distilled water. The minerals remain in the pot when water boils – the steam is mineral free.  Distilled water is often recommended for use in household appliances such as steam irons.  

Purified Water

Purified water has had minerals and any contaminants removed by a purification process. There are numerous processes used to purify water, one of which is distillation. Other ways to purify water can be de-ionization or carbon filtration. 

Spring Water

There are some bottled waters labelled 'spring water' that are not from an underground source ( which is the definition of spring water).  Spring water may or may not be treated or purified. 

Demineralized Water Tip 

If you've purchased a bottle of demineralized water to make your cleansing gel, try using some of the water as a final hair rinse for extra silky smooth locks!