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Boost Your Cleansing Powder With These Combinations

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Boost Your Cleansing Powder With These Combinations



A lot of you lovely customers have asked me about the different possibilities the cleansing powders offer. Even though it's perfectly fine to mix them with water, you can boost the effect of your cleanser by combining the powder with any number of liquids and playing around with the leave-on time. 

With Chamomile and Calendula cleansing powder, try using a chamomile infusion, orange blossom flower water, elder blossom cleansing gel, or even green tea! If you combine with the gel, you have a soothing 10-minute mask mixture all ready to give your face and neck an extra moisture boost.

Rose and Almond cleansing powder works beautifully with whole milk, almond milk, mallow cleansing gel, or coconut milk. If you have 10 minutes to spare, add a dollop of raw honey to the mix for a real skin- soothing and softening face and neck mask – the perfect at home spa treat!

The Rhassoul and Lavender cleansing powder pairs like a champ with whole milk, green tea, lavender floral water, or mallow cleansing gel. If you're looking for a deep cleansing, skin-loving treat and have 10 minutes, combine it with whole milk, add a dollop of raw honey, apply to face and neck and enjoy the benefits. 

Have any suggestions to what you combine your cleansing powder with? Please feel free to leave a comment!