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LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

Botanical Synergy - It's a Real Thing

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Botanical Synergy - It's a Real Thing



Over the years, I have grown somewhat accustomed to hearing derogatory comments about pretty much anything to do with botanical science – especially in a cosmetics-making setting.

The term ‘botanical synergy’ has been a particularly popular trigger for bringing forth snorts of disdain, mumbles of ‘that’s not real science’, and similar reactions.

But botanical synergy isn’t some expression made up by plant-loving hippies wanting to sound smart.

It’s a Real Thing

Botanical synergy happens when botanical components come together, react with each other and transform into something new.

And although herbalists around the globe have used botanicals in a synergistic way for generations, modern science requires measurable results.

As is happens, there are scientists trying to measure botanical synergy. If you’re interested, there’s a paper on it right here called Synergy Directed Fractionation of Botanical Medicines.