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LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

Botanical Bath

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Botanical Bath



Maybe it’s not quite fair to label this picture ‘botanical bath’ as there are more minerals than botanicals pictured here. Nonetheless, that modest portion of powdered rose is the star ingredient of this bath product under development and therefore allowed to dominate.

It is the rose that adds color (the first thing we notice), a touch of all natural scent (the first thing we check for) and the skin pampering extra boost this bath product is going to offer.

Strengthening the Star Ingredient

It is not too difficult to further bring out rose’s star qualities by including a carefully combined blend of essential oils in a base that will disperse evenly in the bath and work well with the dry ingredients. Adding rose essential oil to a bath product may seem like a crazy-expensive luxury, but there are ways to ‘extend’ and ‘strengthen’ rose’s fabulous floral fragrance. By combining rose essential oil with essential oils that won’t break the budget (geranium is one option), it is possible to create an all-natural botanical bath to delight both the nose and skin.