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How to Weigh Cosmetics Ingredients

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How to Weigh Cosmetics Ingredients



For years, I stubbornly believed I could weigh out every ingredient with tenth-of-a-milligram-accuracy and just weighed everything into one container when I was making products. Needless to say, the job got increasingly precarious as I worked my way down the ingredients list, and of course, I ended up overdoing it regularly.

This resulted in having to adjust the entire formula: recalculating the batch, weighing out extra ingredients, finding extra containers for the final product, and basically using time I wasn’t expecting to use – all because of my own hard-headed refusal to believe I could possibly fail at hitting the target weight.

Ah, but life teaches even the most stubborn of us as time passes.

As you have probably guessed, I am no longer as inclined to trust in my weighing skills (even though I have gotten good enough to where I am still tempted to ‘cheat’).

What Works Every Time

Here is a simple tip that may make for a bit of extra cleanup after preparing a formula, but may also save you ingredients and time in the long run.

Weigh out every ingredient separately.

This gives you an instant visual overview of everything you are going to be using in your formula and you can easily tick off added ingredients as you work.

Dry and solid ingredients can be measured out on food-safe paper or measuring trays. Wet ingredients can be measured out in small containers that are easy to empty. Small glass bowls can be ideal for this kind of use as they are both inexpensive, easy to empty, and easily sanitized.

Happy concocting!