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LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

Rosehip Body Scrub

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Rosehip Body Scrub


Photo 31-08-2019, 18.08.42.jpg

Just looking at this photo makes me think of a crumble topping for a baked fruit dessert, but even though this contains some food ingredients, it’s not so much something you’d want to eat, but more something you’d want to rub all over yourself..

This is a ‘dry-ish’ body scrub that is made to be shaken out of the container and used as is. It contains powdered rosehips (from a health food store), a blend of brown and coconut sugars from the supermarket), epsom salts, and a refreshing blend of essential oils in a skin-smoothing oil base. If it weren’t for those last ingredients on the list, one could indeed be tempted to taste.

This is an experimental formula that has performed quite well. Of course, there is room for improvement so a few more batches are in order. The next batch is going to include some Fall-themed spices to match the look.

Pumpkin spice, anyone?