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LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

Waxing Poetic about Hair Wax

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Waxing Poetic about Hair Wax



I have had an off and on relationship with hair wax for years and it seems to be directly connected with the length of my hair at any given time.

My hair has a tendency to lie down flat and my desire is generally to get it to stand up (why do we always seem to want the exact opposite of what he have when it comes to hair?)

So, when my hair is shorter (as it normally is during summer months), I will make (and use) hair wax..

Here is a peek at my most recent batch. The formula includes some of my favorite oils for hair (argan, broccoli seed) and has been performing quite well- providing just enough body and not leaving a greasy or sticky feeling.