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Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark,

LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

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Cleansing Putty - The Next Thing?



The beauty industry is constantly developing and looking for the next ‘it’ thing. We’ve tried all kinds of fun and innovative beauty products over the years – some have had staying power while others fizzled out.

Here’s a peek at an easy to make cleansing product that may just be a coming trend.

It’s called cleansing putty.

Not only is cleansing putty as easy to make as a shampoo bar, but it can be tweaked and tailored numerous ways.

There’s a free how-to right here on the main blog.


A Simple All.Natural Herbal Deodorant



Pictured: a freshly strained infusion ready to be incorporated into a deodorant.

If you are a bit of a green-thinking purist and are up for making your own 100% botanical deodorants using easy-to-source ingredients, you might find this book useful.

Not only does the book contain 3 deodorant formulas, but there are over 35 additional personal care products you can make – every one preservative free yet with a shelf life of months.

The best part? You can make every product in the book with a grand total of 21 ingredients.

Red Lip Gloss - A Work in Progress



Here’s a peek at a work in progress: lip gloss.

This is part of an ongoing project: to create a series of plant-based make-up products. The pictured gloss has been performing quite well, but the plant colorants in this product have been mixed with a few mineral based colorants to punch up the color.

The color is not quite as bright red when applied, but then, this was meant to be a tint. Getting a red this ‘punchy’ with pure plant colorants is possible, but not in every type of make-up product,

Meantime, somebody’s having fun testing makeup.

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Soothing Oat Balm with Ground Oats



I've had a couple of questions about the soothing oat balm in this book: "Can't I use my own ground oats instead of colloidal oatmeal in this balm?"

You can, but you will not get a smooth balm. Pictured below; a small batch I made up to show you what happens.


Even though the balm looks grainy, it goes on surprisingly smoothly and melts right in, so if you can live with the lumpy look, then go for it!

Can Cleansing Oil Cleanse? (hint: yes)



Cleansing oil sounds a bit like an oxymoron. One cleanses the skin to remove oils, right?

There is a method to using a cleansing oil that leaves the skin cleansed and refreshed. The latest publication in the shop includes formulas for cleansing oils as well as a complete instruction on how to use them. 

If you're not ready to try a cleansing oil just yet, there are also numerous other cleansers in the book.