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LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

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Developing and Testing Solid Lotion Bars



These may look like a small collection of pebbles but they are a few of the solid lotion bars I have been developing and testing for a while now. The source of different colors is the carrier oils, essential oils, butters, and waxes used.

Although the base ingredients are somewhat similar in each of these, each bar has a different scent and feel. By tweaking the proportions of the ingredients in a lotion bar, it is possible to create an entire array of tactile differences. Glide, slip, skin feel, and fragrance appeal - everyone has their own preference and needs.

As time has passed I find myself grabbing the yellowish bar as often as I reach for a lip balm, while the white bar has become my go-to for legs and feet. The green bar is an all-over body favorite when my skin is feeling extra dry.

As the green beauty revolution moves forward and we all look to more climate friendly solutions, I predict a growing interest in solid lotions of all kinds.