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Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark,

LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

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All Natural Bourbon Vanilla Flavor



Here is a peek at a lip balm I keep getting requests for: all-natural bourbon vanilla. This is a relatively simple lip balm formula with handcrafted vanilla-infused oil. The flavor and scent are all natural and luxuriously delicious and probably what makes my clients, friends and family keep asking for more.

If you want to try making your own vanilla-infused oil, there is a free how-to on the main blog right here.

The Art of Stacking Soap



Handcrafted soap is something to treasure - a labor of love by artisans who cares about the materials, method and outcome of every bar they make.

I am lucky to know several makers of cold process soap. Every time I have been gifted with a bar, I cannot bear throwing the last bit away and will ‘glue’ it to a new bar. This has developed into what I have dubbed artful soap stacking. One doesn’t just attach a random new bar, one carefully selects the next bar, considering color and textures. The result: an aesthetically pleasing ‘soap stack’.

Above: a triple decker stack of goat milk soap, charcoal soap and coffee soap.

Last Chance for Essential Formulation: Oil-Based Products and Aqueous Sprays


There’s no time like the present!

If you’re interested in learning some formulation essentials, now is the time!

Deadline for enrollment is June 30.

This course is offered at Tisserand Institute and jam packed with so many goodies and extras that we’re excited about every bit of content!

Already planned your vacation?

No worries! Even if you can’t attend the courses live, you will have access to all the recordings and materials a full 2 months after the course ends in August (read: that’s until October!)

Grab your spot right here before enrollment closes.

Testing: a Necessary Part of Formulating



One of the things I enjoy doing (to the surprise of many) is ‘testing stuff’.

Sometimes, I’m examining a theory that may or may not be correct - or a theory will have nuances that might not have been considered. Sometimes my own idea about an ingredient or work process will call for initial tests before proceeding to create a formula.

All in all, it adds up to cupboards and shelves filled with ‘experiments underway’ that need monitoring.

And before you start thinking I am constantly running around in a lab car with my notebook in hand, allow me to reveal that

  1. I don’t own a proper lab coat

  2. but I do have notebook in hand

  3. Since the time I discovered an herbal vinegar infusion that had been forgotten in the back of a cupboard for over a year, I have learned to downsize some of the test vials I use. (To my amazement, the infusion was still good, which of course brought on a slew of new questions and further tests)

Above: some testing I did earlier this year in connection with the course at Tisserand Institute I am teaching this summer. Essential Formulation, oils based products and aqueous sprays.

Please visit this page to learn more about the course and to sign up, but don’t wait too long. Enrollment is only open until June 30th. I hope you’ll be joining us!

Lab Moments



Here’s a snapshot of a few things going on in the LisaLise lab. Infusions underway, note taking in progress, products being monitored and tested, and ingredients being catalogued. Those small (empty) glass bottles in the background are vintage apothecary and perfume bottles that were gifted to me by a dear friend. They’ve been patiently waiting in a box for me to move into this new space.

There’s loads of storage space and room enough for everything I need. To me, it’s a little slice of heaven. I considered putting labels on the ‘wall of drawers’ when I moved in, but it wasn’t more than a tick and a half before I could remember the contents of (almost) every drawer.

Thanks for stopping by!

Skincare From the Supermarket



This is a small batch of dried blackberries infusing. I’ve been working with different dried fruits (without additives) to see how they behave in different types of infusions. It’s not only interesting, but educational and inspirational work. The ‘leftovers’ even get used for different experimental uses (think exfoliants and the likes).

Most of these ingredients are sourced from my local supermarket or health food stores. This has more or less transformed my ‘normal’ grocery shopping into an ongoing expedition for new ingredients to try.

There is no such thing as just popping out to pick up something for dinner any more (much to the consternation of my husband when he accompanies me). Luckily, he enjoys the fruits of my labor (pun entirely intended).