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Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark,

LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

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A Small Bath Lotion Series



This is a bath lotion with essential oils created especially for the Essential Formulation course I am currently teaching at Tisserand Institute.

Developing products that can safely and effectively disperse oils into water is both challenging and fun - especially when the brief includes a preference of using easy-to-source, everyday ingredients.

This formula fills that bill and has performed so well I couldn’t help making a little series of them to give to family and friends who happen to have bathtubs. To a person living in North America, that may sound a bit odd but in Denmark it is more common to install a shower than a bathtub in dwellings of all kinds.

But even though bathtub products have a much smaller audience in the Nordic region, it is still possible to enjoy bath-related products in homes that ‘only’ have showers (think foot soak).

Last Chance for Essential Formulation: Oil-Based Products and Aqueous Sprays


There’s no time like the present!

If you’re interested in learning some formulation essentials, now is the time!

Deadline for enrollment is June 30.

This course is offered at Tisserand Institute and jam packed with so many goodies and extras that we’re excited about every bit of content!

Already planned your vacation?

No worries! Even if you can’t attend the courses live, you will have access to all the recordings and materials a full 2 months after the course ends in August (read: that’s until October!)

Grab your spot right here before enrollment closes.

From Balm to Ointment


This soothing balm is so soft and unctuous, some might call it an ointment. Depending on how the ingredients are proportioned, this products can be made super soft (as shown here) or solid enough to be poured into tubes.

I developed this formula for the course: Essential Formulation, oil-based products and aqueous sprays that is open for enrollment at Tisserand Institute until June 30th.

If you’re interested in learning more (and signing up), please visit this information page at Tisserand Institute

Testing: a Necessary Part of Formulating



One of the things I enjoy doing (to the surprise of many) is ‘testing stuff’.

Sometimes, I’m examining a theory that may or may not be correct - or a theory will have nuances that might not have been considered. Sometimes my own idea about an ingredient or work process will call for initial tests before proceeding to create a formula.

All in all, it adds up to cupboards and shelves filled with ‘experiments underway’ that need monitoring.

And before you start thinking I am constantly running around in a lab car with my notebook in hand, allow me to reveal that

  1. I don’t own a proper lab coat

  2. but I do have notebook in hand

  3. Since the time I discovered an herbal vinegar infusion that had been forgotten in the back of a cupboard for over a year, I have learned to downsize some of the test vials I use. (To my amazement, the infusion was still good, which of course brought on a slew of new questions and further tests)

Above: some testing I did earlier this year in connection with the course at Tisserand Institute I am teaching this summer. Essential Formulation, oils based products and aqueous sprays.

Please visit this page to learn more about the course and to sign up, but don’t wait too long. Enrollment is only open until June 30th. I hope you’ll be joining us!

Learn How to Make This Facial Serum



This powerful facial serum was developed for a very special purpose. It is part of a course I have been working on since late last year. I can reveal that it not only smells heavenly but works like a charm on my (sensitive) skin.

I’m extremely proud to have been asked by Tisserand Institute to create and teach a course in formulating natural skincare for aromatherapists (and anyone interested in working with essential oils in cosmetics). This facial serum is part of the course. The blend of essential oils in this formula was developed by Robert Tisserand himself.

As a matter of fact, he developed an entire series of fabulous essential oil blends that I have incorporated into the different products you’ll learn how to make if you sign up.

Interested? Visit Tisserand Institute to learn more and sign up.

Minimalist Excellence



I am often asked if it is really possible to create excellent skincare (or even skincare that is ‘good enough’) with a bare minimum of ingredients. My answer is always the same: yes, it is.

There is, of course, a little more to it than that, but here are the headlines:

Working with quality ingredients gives you a far better chance of acheiving a quality end result.

Knowing and understanding the ingredients you are working with allows you to tweak, change, customize and make substitutions.

Yes, there is a lot of trial and testing, research and study involved, but if you are working with something you are passionate about, all of that is a labor of love and excellence becomes a natural result.