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LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

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Lavender 'Perfume'



A lovely young lady (who happens to be the daughter of a steady client) put in a request for her own personal lavender perfume not very long ago.

When I say young, I do mean quite young. Her age hasn’t reached ‘double digits’ yet. Formulating a ‘perfume’ for someone under 10 years of age takes a little thought.

The young lady loves the scent of lavender, and even though lavender essential oil is quite well tolerated, it is still a very concentrated ingredient. One might be tempted to use a hydrosol/hydrolate, but lavender hydrosol just doesn’t have the same scent as the essential oil.

After careful deliberation, the ‘perfume’ was duly formulated to be extremely mild and skin friendly, yet offer the fresh scent of lavender she loves. The look on her face was a clear indication the brief had been met.

Infused oils - All Natural Scents



If you are developing products for sensitive skin or people who prefer a more subtle fragrance, infused oil can be an excellent option.

Here is a peek at an infused oil getting ready to be added to a custom product for a special customer. She happens to love a whiff of vanilla in her moisturisers, so this will become a natural scent element in the face serum I am creating for her.

If you are interested in ordering a custom product with me, please visit this page.

Snowy Coconut Cream Bars



This year has been full of projects - one of which you see pictured above. It has been a blast working on developing all the shampoo bar for the latest book with my colleague Rebecca Wright.

And I find it only fitting to share a bit of snowiness with you in this wintery month, so here’s the whitest, coco-nuttiest shampoo bar from the book: Coconut Cream Shampoo Bars.

These were developed with a nod to steady customer of mine who is in love with anything coconut. I’ve already wrapped up a couple and tied a pretty red bow on the package.

Shh! Holiday secret!

Ho Ho Ho!

Handcrafted Botanical Power



When the Christmas month arrives (which it manages to do every year without giving me any warning whatsoever), I am generally a little extra busy making gifts for the coming holiday season.

Visiting the stockroom to choose from my handcrafted infused oils is not only inspiring, but makes every gift truly personalized.

Above is the beginnings of a simple, soothing body balm for a very special lady. I happen to know she has sensitive skin and loves both rose and vanilla, so there are a couple of infused oils with these ingredients going into this all-over multi-purpose balm.

No need to add scent – the oils have that part covered beautifully.

The rest is a seasonal gift-making secret!

Sugar for Exfoliation



Here is a custom product developed for a client with very sensitive skin who asked for a 'simple natural scrub I can use in my morning shower'. 

This scrub contains brown sugar and coffee-infused oil - perfect for a morning wake-up. It smells so delicious, I'd better include "do not consume" on the label.