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LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

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Sparkling Rose in the Bath



What happens when you add rose powder and a few other rose-fabulous ingredients to a bathtub-friendly blend?

Everything comes up roses!

Pictured above: a bath blend that includes essential oils yet disperses beautifully and seamlessly into the tub creating a few rosy sparkles and a fabulous all-natural pink color no princess could refuse.

Are you a little curious to know more?

This is only going to be kept under wraps for a little while longer, so consider this a little sparkly preview and stay tuned!

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Cleansing Without Soap



Since I started writing about my cleansing bars in 2012, the concept of these easy to make skin-friendly cleansers seems to have really taken hold and spread around the globe. I still get emails and messages from people who tell me they are ‘just what their sensitive skin needed’ and truly appreciate every single story people are willing to share.

As a bonafide member of the sensitive skin club, the biggest pleasure is experiencing how many people have benefited from making and using such a relatively simple and easy to make DIY skincare product.

The main blog has numerous free cleansing bars how-to’s (check the How To page for a complete list), and the e-book below contains (among many other products) a formula for no-soap cleansing nuggets. The concept has its roots in the original cleansing bars but is updated and refined for ease of use.

Tip: A no soap cleanser is best removed with damp cotton rounds to avoid build-up in pipes and clogged sinks. Enjoy!

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Rosehip Body Scrub


Photo 31-08-2019, 18.08.42.jpg

Just looking at this photo makes me think of a crumble topping for a baked fruit dessert, but even though this contains some food ingredients, it’s not so much something you’d want to eat, but more something you’d want to rub all over yourself..

This is a ‘dry-ish’ body scrub that is made to be shaken out of the container and used as is. It contains powdered rosehips (from a health food store), a blend of brown and coconut sugars from the supermarket), epsom salts, and a refreshing blend of essential oils in a skin-smoothing oil base. If it weren’t for those last ingredients on the list, one could indeed be tempted to taste.

This is an experimental formula that has performed quite well. Of course, there is room for improvement so a few more batches are in order. The next batch is going to include some Fall-themed spices to match the look.

Pumpkin spice, anyone?

Piri Piri Chili Balm



This is a balm with piri piri chili - created specifically for the purpose of testing whether or not it can relieve pain. Capsaicin (the active ingredient in chilis) is showing some impressive pain-relieving results in scientific tests, and that was enough to get me curious about trying out if it were possible to create a soothing balm using chili-infused oil as one of the ingredients.

Piri piri chili is one of many chilis I am working with at the moment, and the scoville units in the LisaLise lab have been off the charts high, but I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.

If you want to read the initial feedback from my tester group using this balm, please visit the main blog right here.

A Small Bath Lotion Series



This is a bath lotion with essential oils created especially for the Essential Formulation course I am currently teaching at Tisserand Institute.

Developing products that can safely and effectively disperse oils into water is both challenging and fun - especially when the brief includes a preference of using easy-to-source, everyday ingredients.

This formula fills that bill and has performed so well I couldn’t help making a little series of them to give to family and friends who happen to have bathtubs. To a person living in North America, that may sound a bit odd but in Denmark it is more common to install a shower than a bathtub in dwellings of all kinds.

But even though bathtub products have a much smaller audience in the Nordic region, it is still possible to enjoy bath-related products in homes that ‘only’ have showers (think foot soak).

The All Natural Deodorant Plant



This is an amazing little slice of nature. Not only do these herbs grow wild around the globe, but they provide numerous other benefits. Cleavers (Galium aparine) are useful in several ways. The fruits (those round growths you see up there) can be dried, roasted and used to make a drink that is quite similar to coffee - complete with natural content of caffeine.

Among many other benefits, Cleavers is said to even offer anti-aging properties. And although the anti-aging bit has my interest, it is the all-natural deodorizing capabilities of this humble herb that has captured my full attention.

If you’re interested in learning more about cleavers (and the numerous other wonderful herbs and plants that surround us and provide health benefits), visit Medical Herbalist Vivienne Campbell at The Herbal Hub.

And if you want to try making your own all-natural and preservative-free deodorant with cleavers, there are 3 different formulas to choose from in this E-book. They are pictured below to the right of the book.