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LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

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Happy Natural New Year!



Happy New Year!

I’m off to get gussied up with my natural make-up and dressed to party with good friends to ring out the old year and ring in the new.

Next year is looking exciting already, but more on that when we’re finished with this one.

Thanks for sticking around this year and peeking over my shoulder as I work. I hope you’ll want to continue in 2019.

Meantime - have a Happy New Years Eve!

Lump of Charcoal Eye Pencils



Proponents of Christmas stories say you will get lumps of coal in your Christmas stocking if you have been bad that year.

Here’s the kind of coal lump I’d be happy about receiving: a charcoal colored eye pencil.

This one is made using a base I developed earlier this year (and featured on this blog right here), and the pigments is a mix of oxides and micas.

I make my own eyebrow pencils – partly because I get itchy eyebrows from most commercially made products (yes, really) and because I gave up trying to find the right shade of anything years ago.

After years of practice, it’s now much easier to make my own, so this is little charcoal gift is just for me.

Makeup Color: Plant Based vs Everything Else



Pictured: a side by side comparison of 2 lip products - both using the same base (which I developed earlier this year and featured in this blog post), but each with different pigments.

The top lip crayon contains with a mix of carmine and mineral pigments. The bottom is made using entirely plant-based pigments.

The goal was to create a punchy bright red.

Although the bottom product looks browner ‘on paper’, when applied, it delivers a pop of color almost as red as the carmine. Here they are swatched.