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Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark,

LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

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Chili for Skincare



Handcrafted chili oil has been useful in several products I have made over the past winter season. (think soothing muscle rub, spicy lip balm or warming foot rub).

Generally, oils for infusion should have a long shelf life, although there can be benefits from using a specific oil with a specific ingredient for infusion and then using the entire batch within a short time of making it.

If you’re interested in giving this a try, there’s a chili-oil how to right here on the main blog. Depending on the strength you are looking for, vary the type and amount of chilis you work with. There is tangible difference in heat and effect depending on which ingredients you choose.

Easy DIY Bath Tea



Here's a bath tea I added to a customers order recently. She was thrilled and said they were beautifully fragrant. 

 You can make these easily. Used them as gifts or enjoy when you could use a bit of floral therapy pampering goodness!

Simply mix equal parts of dried orange blossom, Damask Rose, Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile and Jasmine. Spoon into generous-sized organza bags and tie shut tightly.

To use: pop a bag into the bath. Squeeze the bag a few times when it has soaked up the water to coax out the floral goodness.