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LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

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Handcrafted Botanical Power



When the Christmas month arrives (which it manages to do every year without giving me any warning whatsoever), I am generally a little extra busy making gifts for the coming holiday season.

Visiting the stockroom to choose from my handcrafted infused oils is not only inspiring, but makes every gift truly personalized.

Above is the beginnings of a simple, soothing body balm for a very special lady. I happen to know she has sensitive skin and loves both rose and vanilla, so there are a couple of infused oils with these ingredients going into this all-over multi-purpose balm.

No need to add scent – the oils have that part covered beautifully.

The rest is a seasonal gift-making secret!

Preservative Free Aqueous Lip Stain



Here’s a fun little exercise in Hurdle Technology that has turned out quite successfully in the first few batches: a plant-based aqueous lip stain with adequate color that is preservative free.

If you can recognize the dried plants at the top, are, you’ll know what one of the components are.

Testing is still ongoing, but I will reveal this: not only does this lip stain moisturize well, it even tastes good.

Follow my main blog for more detailed articles on my work and research.

December Raspberries



Happy December. This is among the darkest of months - especially in Scandinavia.

Luckily, we Scandinavians have lots of candles, fairy lights, and other small compensations we use to fight the Nordic winter darkness.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a raspberry infusion to bring a little remembrance of the warmer months we were so lucky to have experienced this year.

This infusion is made using dried fruits (the fresh ones were placed to show you the difference in both size and color.

If you use dried fruits to make your own infusions, check the label carefully to ensure there are no additives of any kind. If the labels says: ‘100% dried FRUIT’, then you’re good to go.

Scalp Stimulating Shampoo Bars



Pictured: an exercise in botanical synergy that is designed to help stimulate circulation while it cleanses.

The formula for this shampoo bar is in the latest publication Make Your Own Naturally Balanced Shampoo Bars.

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Rebecca Wright, a colleague from Formulators Kitchen on this publication, and it has resulted in a series of preservative free, naturally pH balanced shampoo bar formulas with a little something for every taste.

We hope you enjoy making and using the shampoo bars in this book.

Makeup Color: Plant Based vs Everything Else



Pictured: a side by side comparison of 2 lip products - both using the same base (which I developed earlier this year and featured in this blog post), but each with different pigments.

The top lip crayon contains with a mix of carmine and mineral pigments. The bottom is made using entirely plant-based pigments.

The goal was to create a punchy bright red.

Although the bottom product looks browner ‘on paper’, when applied, it delivers a pop of color almost as red as the carmine. Here they are swatched.


Botanical Synergy - It's a Real Thing



Over the years, I have grown somewhat accustomed to hearing derogatory comments about pretty much anything to do with botanical science – especially in a cosmetics-making setting.

The term ‘botanical synergy’ has been a particularly popular trigger for bringing forth snorts of disdain, mumbles of ‘that’s not real science’, and similar reactions.

But botanical synergy isn’t some expression made up by plant-loving hippies wanting to sound smart.

It’s a Real Thing

Botanical synergy happens when botanical components come together, react with each other and transform into something new.

And although herbalists around the globe have used botanicals in a synergistic way for generations, modern science requires measurable results.

As is happens, there are scientists trying to measure botanical synergy. If you’re interested, there’s a paper on it right here called Synergy Directed Fractionation of Botanical Medicines.