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Merry Hibiscus - How to Pronounce the Danish Letter Ø



It’s ‘little Christmas Eve’ in Denmark tonight (yes, really) and everyone is preparing for family get-togetherness and cozy time. This often includes a hot Scandinavian drink.

Gløgg is a traditional drink that translates to ‘mulled wine’, and while this picture is not mulled wine but a hibiscus infusion, the color is quite similar.

You’ll find a recipe for mulled wine you if you visit this post at the Drink Blog.

Now, as to pronouncing the name gløgg - the hardest part is that funny O with the slash through it in the middle of the word.

If you can pronounce that letter, you can pronounce the rest of the word. So in the spirit of Merry Hibiscus-ness, I’m going to teach you how to pronounce the Danish letter Ø.

Follow these steps:

  • Say HER out loud

  • Don’t pronounce the H

  • Stop before you finish saying R

  • That’s how you say Ø

  • Now say gløgg

(did it sound a little bit like ‘glerg’ ?)

Then you said it right!