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LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

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Testing: a Necessary Part of Formulating



One of the things I enjoy doing (to the surprise of many) is ‘testing stuff’.

Sometimes, I’m examining a theory that may or may not be correct - or a theory will have nuances that might not have been considered. Sometimes my own idea about an ingredient or work process will call for initial tests before proceeding to create a formula.

All in all, it adds up to cupboards and shelves filled with ‘experiments underway’ that need monitoring.

And before you start thinking I am constantly running around in a lab car with my notebook in hand, allow me to reveal that

  1. I don’t own a proper lab coat

  2. but I do have notebook in hand

  3. Since the time I discovered an herbal vinegar infusion that had been forgotten in the back of a cupboard for over a year, I have learned to downsize some of the test vials I use. (To my amazement, the infusion was still good, which of course brought on a slew of new questions and further tests)

Above: some testing I did earlier this year in connection with the course at Tisserand Institute I am teaching this summer. Essential Formulation, oils based products and aqueous sprays.

Please visit this page to learn more about the course and to sign up, but don’t wait too long. Enrollment is only open until June 30th. I hope you’ll be joining us!

Learn How to Make This Facial Serum



This powerful facial serum was developed for a very special purpose. It is part of a course I have been working on since late last year. I can reveal that it not only smells heavenly but works like a charm on my (sensitive) skin.

I’m extremely proud to have been asked by Tisserand Institute to create and teach a course in formulating natural skincare for aromatherapists (and anyone interested in working with essential oils in cosmetics). This facial serum is part of the course. The blend of essential oils in this formula was developed by Robert Tisserand himself.

As a matter of fact, he developed an entire series of fabulous essential oil blends that I have incorporated into the different products you’ll learn how to make if you sign up.

Interested? Visit Tisserand Institute to learn more and sign up.

Minimalist Excellence



I am often asked if it is really possible to create excellent skincare (or even skincare that is ‘good enough’) with a bare minimum of ingredients. My answer is always the same: yes, it is.

There is, of course, a little more to it than that, but here are the headlines:

Working with quality ingredients gives you a far better chance of acheiving a quality end result.

Knowing and understanding the ingredients you are working with allows you to tweak, change, customize and make substitutions.

Yes, there is a lot of trial and testing, research and study involved, but if you are working with something you are passionate about, all of that is a labor of love and excellence becomes a natural result.

A Free Webinar at Tisserand Institute


I am extremely excited and honored to announce I will be speaking at a free webinar at Tisserand Institute on June 18th.

The webinar is titled Formulation Myths and Misconceptions, and I’ll be doing my utmost to dispel a few myths that have been circulating far too long.

To attend, it’s as simple as registering for your free spot.

I hope you will join me at my very first live online presentation

Please sign up for the webinar right here.

Want to learn a bit more before you sign up? Then please visit this page for a bit more information.

Curious about what time the webinar will be in your time zone? Check this link for more information.

See you on June 18th!

Reassembling Grapes - An Experimental Oil Infusion



Pictured: freeze-dried grapes. (Yes, they really look like that when they are freeze-dried). I bought these in my local supermarket in the ‘healthy snacks department’. There are no additives of any kind. Not only are they quite sweet and tasty, but they inspired me to try a little experiment.

I decided to use them in an oil infusion, so I bought some oil for that specific purpose. Not just any oil, mind you, but an oil that (I expect) any grape would be proud to swim around in.

Have you guessed which oil yet?

Even though this little exercise is highly experimental and may turn out to be a huge fail, it may decide to become a huge success.

The oil? Why, grapeseed oil.

I suppose it is fair to say making an oil infusion of grapes into grapeseed oil is my attempt at reassembling grapes.