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Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark,

LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients


About LisaLise

Meet LisaLise and read a short description of her skincare making journey 

About LisaLise

My goal with every formula is to employ the barest of basics without sacrificing function or the all-important luxury factor.
— LisaLise
A basic foundation color is the basis for a complete collection of skin tones

Lise M Andersen

Hello and welcome!

My name is Lise Andersen, but many know me as LisaLise.

I’ve always been a ‘greenie’ in spirit, but that may be because I am a bonafide child of the hippie era. The very first steps of my cosmetics-making journey were taken when I was in my teens. A 'How to' book caught my interest and it wasn't long before I could pronounce my first lip balm a success. The glorious scent of beeswax and the magical process of turning a few simple ingredients into something useful had me hooked.

As time passed, I wanted to learn more and be able to develop my own products. This started an ongoing path of self study in ingredients and production methods. My primary test group: me and my immediate family. Friends and family have followed my progress over the years and voiced requests for all kinds of different products. Each has been approached as an interesting challenge, and the many successful results (along with the fails) helped fuel my passion to continue.

I never expected or even imagined it would be possible to have cosmetics making as my full time job, but it happened. It has been a gradual process that grew slowly but surely over the years.

Meantime, my thirst for knowledge hasn’t subsided in the least. I might say quite the contrary.

In more recent years, my focus has turned towards ‘cosmetics minimalism’. Working with minimally processed (and less common) raw materials continues to demonstrate to me how incredibly rich our planet is in powerful botanicals that can soothe, calm, invigorate, stimulate, regenerate, and heal. Learning to harness and utilize these elements using simple methods while showing respect for the raw material is my idea of true minimalism. I am constantly exploring possible sources and testing different mediums for (my handcrafted) botanical extracts. This research has resulted in a few e-books (with more in the works).

The world is increasingly looking to ‘green’ and sustainable cosmetics – preferably preservative free with no danger of contamination. Using Hurdle Technology as a method of preservation is another area that has my full attention. I hope to see this technology become mainstream in the cosmetics industry. Meantime, I’m doing some of my own testing and enjoying every minute of it.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have a job that is my passion.

Please feel free to browse around this site for information about ordering a bespoke formulation, handcrafted cosmetics, or booking a one-on-one consultation.

If you’re interested in making your own cosmetics (you can, you know!), you’ll find a selection of e-books in the shop.

You might also enjoy meeting my colleagues at Formulators Kitchen. Together, we offer over 100 years of combined formulating experience and cover a wide range of services.

Thanks for reading.

PS: If you’re interested in reading the story behind the LisaLise name, I wrote a blog post about it right here.

Caring for your skin and hair should be a pleasurable and gentle yet effective experience. It should feel so luxurious, it becomes a labour of love – something to look forward to.
— LisaLise