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Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark,

LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients


About LisaLise

Meet LisaLise and read a short description of her skincare making journey 

About LisaLise

Caring for the skin and hair should be pleasurable, natural, and safe – gentle, yet extremely effective. I believe it should feel so luxurious that it is a labour of love – something to look forward to.

My goal with every formula is to employ the barest of basics without sacrificing function or the all-important luxury factor.
A basic foundation color is the basis for a complete collection of skin tones

Lise M Andersen

My cosmetics-making journey began when I was in my teens. A 'How to' book caught my interest, and it wasn't long before I could pronounce my first lip balm a success. The scent of beeswax and process of turning a few simple ingredients into something useful had me hooked.

Time passed, and I began studying the different ingredients and production of skin and hair care in earnest as I began developing my own products. My primary test group was myself and immediate family. Friends and family followed the progress and soon began voicing requests.

After years of research, testing, and product development, I am still as smitten with the entire process of creating and producing cosmetics as the day I started.

LisaLise proudly offers custom, handcrafted skin and hair care products, custom formulations, DIY kits, and made-to-order products. If you’re interested in making your own cosmetics, you’ll also find a selection of guides, how-to’s, and off-the-shelf formulas in the shop.