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LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

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A look inside the LisaLise lab with product how-to's, tips, sneak peeks, and more.

Sustainable Shower Shaker



This is a little side project that popped up all by itself among my numerous formulation projects this year. The ‘Shower Shaker’ consists of a dry scrub (made for use in the shower) and can be customized and put together any way you please. Part of the formula is finding/making a suitable container.

Not only is this a sustainable product (that even helps you to save water), but it’s quite effective and fun to use.

Check the main blog for a complete description and how to.

Sparkling Rose in the Bath



What happens when you add rose powder and a few other rose-fabulous ingredients to a bathtub-friendly blend?

Everything comes up roses!

Pictured above: a bath blend that includes essential oils yet disperses beautifully and seamlessly into the tub creating a few rosy sparkles and a fabulous all-natural pink color no princess could refuse.

Are you a little curious to know more?

This is only going to be kept under wraps for a little while longer, so consider this a little sparkly preview and stay tuned!

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How to Weigh Cosmetics Ingredients



For years, I stubbornly believed I could weigh out every ingredient with tenth-of-a-milligram-accuracy and just weighed everything into one container when I was making products. Needless to say, the job got increasingly precarious as I worked my way down the ingredients list, and of course, I ended up overdoing it regularly.

This resulted in having to adjust the entire formula: recalculating the batch, weighing out extra ingredients, finding extra containers for the final product, and basically using time I wasn’t expecting to use – all because of my own hard-headed refusal to believe I could possibly fail at hitting the target weight.

Ah, but life teaches even the most stubborn of us as time passes.

As you have probably guessed, I am no longer as inclined to trust in my weighing skills (even though I have gotten good enough to where I am still tempted to ‘cheat’).

What Works Every Time

Here is a simple tip that may make for a bit of extra cleanup after preparing a formula, but may also save you ingredients and time in the long run.

Weigh out every ingredient separately.

This gives you an instant visual overview of everything you are going to be using in your formula and you can easily tick off added ingredients as you work.

Dry and solid ingredients can be measured out on food-safe paper or measuring trays. Wet ingredients can be measured out in small containers that are easy to empty. Small glass bowls can be ideal for this kind of use as they are both inexpensive, easy to empty, and easily sanitized.

Happy concocting!

Handcrafted Extracts with Wild Rose



I was recently gifted some beautifully fragrant wildcrafted wild rose petals. After they had been plucked and prepared, they were carefully dried and then sent to me across the globe. What an amazing gift. No sooner than the package was opened did some of the contents find itself immersed in glycerin while another portion was put into propanediol.

Pictured is the result. The difference in color is quite evident. Both of these extracts are undergoing a bit of side by side testing to see how they compare.

Spoiler alert: they’re both great! The glycerine extract is somewhat more viscous with a sweetly floral fragrance while the propanediol extract is thinner with a more ‘spicy’ type of edge to the scent.

Making your own extracts is not only easy to do, but incredibly fulfilling as it gives you control over every ingredient you add to your products. Have you tried making your own glycerites?

If not, maybe the e-book will have your interest. For a few freebies, please check the how to page on the main blog and scroll down for an overview of the different how-to’’s

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Developing and Testing Solid Lotion Bars



These may look like a small collection of pebbles but they are a few of the solid lotion bars I have been developing and testing for a while now. The source of different colors is the carrier oils, essential oils, butters, and waxes used.

Although the base ingredients are somewhat similar in each of these, each bar has a different scent and feel. By tweaking the proportions of the ingredients in a lotion bar, it is possible to create an entire array of tactile differences. Glide, slip, skin feel, and fragrance appeal - everyone has their own preference and needs.

As time has passed I find myself grabbing the yellowish bar as often as I reach for a lip balm, while the white bar has become my go-to for legs and feet. The green bar is an all-over body favorite when my skin is feeling extra dry.

As the green beauty revolution moves forward and we all look to more climate friendly solutions, I predict a growing interest in solid lotions of all kinds.

Botanical Bath



Maybe it’s not quite fair to label this picture ‘botanical bath’ as there are more minerals than botanicals pictured here. Nonetheless, that modest portion of powdered rose is the star ingredient of this bath product under development and therefore allowed to dominate.

It is the rose that adds color (the first thing we notice), a touch of all natural scent (the first thing we check for) and the skin pampering extra boost this bath product is going to offer.

Strengthening the Star Ingredient

It is not too difficult to further bring out rose’s star qualities by including a carefully combined blend of essential oils in a base that will disperse evenly in the bath and work well with the dry ingredients. Adding rose essential oil to a bath product may seem like a crazy-expensive luxury, but there are ways to ‘extend’ and ‘strengthen’ rose’s fabulous floral fragrance. By combining rose essential oil with essential oils that won’t break the budget (geranium is one option), it is possible to create an all-natural botanical bath to delight both the nose and skin.