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Working With Shea Butter

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Working With Shea Butter

Working With Shea Butter by LisaLise
Working With Shea Butter Pages
Working with Shea Butter Table of Contents
Working with Shea Butter Balm
Working With Shea Butter by LisaLise
Working With Shea Butter Pages
Working with Shea Butter Table of Contents
Working with Shea Butter Balm

Working With Shea Butter



Skincare Formulas, Tips & Tricks

Make your own skincare products using simple, natural ingredients! This 72 page E-book includes 14 tried and tested formulas and includes step-by-step instructions – that's a mere $2.50 per formula for a hands-on guide for everything from the perfect melt and pour balm to fail-safe whipped shea butter.

Working With Shea Butter has something for beginners as well as experienced cosmetics artisans. Sections include tips about dealing with graininess, how to work with the scent of unrefined shea butter, tips on when and how to render, store, and test shea butter for the best results. 

Every formula is created with the home-crafter in mind, but can be scaled for small batch production. 

This richly illustrated book includes

  • shea butter basics

  • unrefined vs refined shea

  • a bit of (very-easy-to-understand) chemistry

  • handling and storing shea butter

  • how to test your butter

  • all about tools and equipment

  • preparing your workspace

  • 14 tried and tested formulas

  • step by step instruction

  • troubleshooting

  • tips for perfect results

  • how to make a non-greasy body butter

  • how to work with the natural scent of unrefined shea

  • and much much more!


Have you Never Worked With Shea Before?

You might just find this book a great source for getting acquainted with this all-natural, skin-loving ingredient. 

There's no need to invest in any fancy lab equipment to make any of the products in this book – every one can be made using simple kitchen tools.

Below is an overview of the contents.

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Working With Shea Butter contains tried and tested formulas – from no-soap cleansers, lip balms, melt-and-pour products, whipped butters, emulsions, to colored products such as tinted balm and lipstick.  Many of the formulas in this book include tips on how to adjust and tailor them to your personal preference.

Formulas are all presented as a Basic Formula (with percentages) and include conversions to both grams and ounces. You'll find tips on working with both refined and unrefined shea as well a few previously unpublished secrets.

Below is an overview of the contents.

Shea Butter Basics
    African Roots
    Making Shea the Traditional Way    
    Making Shea The Modern Way
    What’s in it
    What Shea Does For Skin
    What Shea Does For Hair
    Melt-in Moisturizing
    Refined vs Unrefined
    A Primadonna

Let’s Get Started  
    What to use to Clean
    Measuring: Weight or Volume
    Volume Isn’t Necessarily the Same as Weight
    How to Measure Liquids by Weight
    Heating & Cooling Methods

No-Soap Facial Cleansing Bars  
    About No-Soap Cleansing
    Storing Tips for Cleansing Bars
    About the Texture
    Rose & White Clay Cleansing Bar
    Oatmeal & Clay Cleanser
    Red Clay & Rooibos Cleansing Hearts

Butters and Balms - Melt & Pour
    Basic Melt & Pour Body Butter
    4-Ingredient Body Balm
    Super Soft Body Butter
    Hair & Body Butter

Whipped Butters
    Whipping Methods
    Whipping Tips
    Fail-Safe Whipped Butter
    Non-Greasy Whipped Butter

Emulsions with Shea
    Stirring Tips
    Bare Basic Hydration Lotion
    Dry Skin Formula

Lip and Cheek - Balm & Color
    Lip & Cuticle Balm
    Lip & Cheek Tint Stick

Troubleshooting & Tips
    What Makes Shea Go Grainy?
    Can it be Fixed?
    How To Render Shea
    Rendering isn’t a 100% Safeguard
    E-wax and Stearic Acid
    How’s the Weather
    How to Know When to Do What
    Storing Shea

Working with the Scent of Unrefined Shea    
    Invite it to the Party
    Scent Combinations

Solo Formulas

A few of the formulas in this book can be purchased as single formulas. 

4-ingredient Body Balm Formula

Lip and Cuticle Balm Formula

Oatmeal and Clay No-Soap Cleanser Formula

Fail-Safe Whipped Shea Butter Formula

Lip and Cheek Tint Stick Formula

Basic Melt & Pour Body Butter




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