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LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

Grade A Whipped Shea Formula & How-To

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Grade A Whipped Shea Formula & How-To

Grade A Whipped Shea DIY Guide
Grade A Whipped Shea DIY Guide

Grade A Whipped Shea Formula & How-To



Have you been curious to try making your own skincare products but unsure of how to get started – or worried your first attempt might not be a success?

This 14-page, richly-illustrated step-by-step, beginner-friendly formula and instructional is made for you! 

You will be enjoying your own tailor-made, hand-crafted, luxurious, skin-pampering whipped body butter in no time at all!

You only need 3 ingredients

  • unrefined shea butter (you can also use refined shea butter)

  • your choice of quality oil (there are a few suggestions listed in the instructional)

  • e-vitamin

Do you prefer scented body butter? There's an included instruction on how, how much, and when to add essential oils to your body butter.

Note: This is a digital, stand-alone formula and not available in the book Working With Shea Butter.

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The download includes

  • introduction

  • tips about equipment

  • what you need to get started

  • formula with step by step instructions for making your own whipped shea butter using either refined or unrefined shea

  • tips on personalizing the formula to your preferences

Body Butter Plus

Even though it's called 'body butter', this beautifully rich whipped butter is truly multifunctional - great for dry patches, hands, heels, after-shave leg smoother, and even as a nighttime facial moisturizer.