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LisaLise offers custom cosmetics and formulations using predominately plant-based ingredients

Handcrafted Extracts with Wild Rose

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Handcrafted Extracts with Wild Rose



I was recently gifted some beautifully fragrant wildcrafted wild rose petals. After they had been plucked and prepared, they were carefully dried and then sent to me across the globe. What an amazing gift. No sooner than the package was opened did some of the contents find itself immersed in glycerin while another portion was put into propanediol.

Pictured is the result. The difference in color is quite evident. Both of these extracts are undergoing a bit of side by side testing to see how they compare.

Spoiler alert: they’re both great! The glycerine extract is somewhat more viscous with a sweetly floral fragrance while the propanediol extract is thinner with a more ‘spicy’ type of edge to the scent.

Making your own extracts is not only easy to do, but incredibly fulfilling as it gives you control over every ingredient you add to your products. Have you tried making your own glycerites?

If not, maybe the e-book will have your interest. For a few freebies, please check the how to page on the main blog and scroll down for an overview of the different how-to’’s

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